Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tito Tuesday ~ Hyde Park Pet Photographer

When one is stuck inside a tiny apartment all day due to massive amounts of rainfall you tend to get a little stir crazy. I call it creative crazy as I just came up with a new weekly blog I will be posting, Tito Tuesday. My shih tzu, Tito, is kind of a low key guy. He keeps to himself and remains quite a mystery to all he meets. Therefore every Tuesday I will be updating everyone and something new that we did during the past week. Today, being one of our first full days of torrential rain I decided to write about that. The rain doesn't bother Tito. Infact he likes to frolic and run in light rainfall making it super fun for mommie. Most of my morning was spent editing photos so as I glanced down at my little guy staring back up at me were these two sad eyes. I know he was bored but whats a gal to do? So finally when the rain subsided a little bit we went outside. I thought there was going to be a little more enthusiasm as it had been hours since smelling the fresh air. Instead, Tito just laid down in our alley, right next to a large puddle. He was simply looking for a change of scenery. Stay tuned for next weeks episode of Tito Tuesday.


  1. i actually agree with you; most of the time i feel most creative when it's pouring rain outside. the story about tito + the puddle makes me smile; can't wait for tito tuesdays!

  2. Thanks for the photos they are really nice and I know what you mean about the rain inspiring creativity it happened to when I was on holiday no less at turtle beach