Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cesar and Me

Okay so this is pretty much the most amazing experience I've had in a while. The past few months I have been working closely with the dog travel channel. Bree and Courtney own this Internet based website which is geared to inform dog lovers where they can travel with their pet. It's super resourceful and I have a blast doing the correspondence for them when they're in the Tampa area. They asked me to travel with them to the Global Pet Expo in Orlando last weekend. Only open to press and media it demonstrated the latest and greatest pet concepts for 2009. Not only did we meet some really cool vendors but we also had the opportunity to meet and interview Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer himself !!!! He was at the expo to exhibit his new food line, pet bedding line, and pet cleaning products. All I can say is wow. I would have been happy with just a picture but we also got to talk to him for a few minutes. He is exactly what I pictured. He is so calm and approachable. Talk about my nervous energy, my hand wouldn't stop shaking as I was holding the microphone. In fact , I don't even remember what I asked him!!! I'm so excited to see what the final interview will look like and of course I will post it as soon as its up online. Here are a few shots courtesy of Bree and Courtney at the Dog Travel Channel.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tidbits On Tito

I've noticed that alot of other photographers have blogged about themselves. It's almost like a "get to know you - Q and A type" blog which is really cool. There are many things that I read and would've never guessed by checking out their website. I however have decided that I am going to blog about my dog, Tito. Tito is my rescue shih tzu of almost two years. I never stop learning about him.  Therefore I bring to you The Tidbits on Tito. Every so often I will write about new findings with him or I will post any cool shots I get. 
The first few tidbits of Tito that you should know are:
1. He HATES to have his picture taken. If he sees me pull out the camera he will automatically curl in a ball or give me his side profile. I am working hard to break this habit however he acts like an old Hollywood star that just wants to be out of the limelight for good.
2. He loves sleeping on the pillow right next to me. He may not start off sleeping in my bed but sure enough when I wake up and roll over I am looking at one end or the other end of Tito...unfortunately more often than not its his back end. Good morning!
3.He considers himself a super big dog. I have never had this little dog syndrome before with any of my other little pups so I find it quite terrifying that he stands up for himself as well as eggs the bigger dogs on. ( I have been reading CeSar Milan and we are working on this )
4. His lower jaw protrudes about a 1/2 inch further than his upper...Under bite much?
5. He does have eyes. Two of them, they are just hidden underneath this bowl cut that I keep giving him...Honestly I think it kind of suits him. The allusive little shih tzu that thinks he's the toughest of them all :)
More tidbits to come.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Barney Continued

When I arrived at Gone To The Dogs Pet Boutique to do some studio sessions all I knew was that I was going to be shooting a 3 month old adorable puppy. Thats all the owner of the store remembered. As I was awaiting his arrival I was going through in my head what black little puppies are there? Black lab? Black Poodle? Black Newfie? "No, no its a little dog won't get really big" Greg, the store owner told me, " I just don't know what kind he is". So big dogs out what little breed was black and cute? The suspense almost got the best of me when in walked Barney the 3 month old French bulldog and his mom, Laurel. O.M.G ! Love at first sight. He was so much fun to photograph. When Barney was on the ground all the wanted to do was explore and of course not have his picture taken. He did much better up on the chair. Here are some of my favorites from the day. And Im really excited that Laurel wants to have some family photos taken of her and her fiance with Barney of course. 

Monday, February 9, 2009


 More to come on this adorable 3 month old french bulldog but for now here is the photo of the week!

Lucy and Mame

Friday, January 30th was an action packed day full of dogs. Pawsitively Pictures was at Gone To The Dogs Boutique for pet portraits.Lucy and Mame were the second and third dog of the day.Its funny because whenever we start the portrait session I think the parents are more nervous than anyone. They are afraid their dogs wont photograph or wont sit still. Well...more than likely they wont sit still, there are so many new scents and bright lights however I have great tactics to get the dogs attentions. And all you need is a split second. By the end of the session the parents always leave proud of  their pups for taking a great photograph.  Check out Lucy and Mame's debut. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This past weekend has been a whirlwind of events. As you all know the Arizona Cardinals faced off against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Tampa for the largest watched sporting event in America. So needless to say there were many events taking place here. I was tied up with some puppy portraits on Friday and Saturday and didn't get a chance to do any paparazzi style photography. I was dreaming about running into all these celebs and snapping a few shots than selling them to Us Weekly for a large cash settlement, live happily ever after. Not exactly. So by Sunday I was so distraught I hadn't seen any celebs or taken any pictures I decided to meet up with one of my friends for lunch and drown my sorrows in a few beers. Along with me I brought my camera with one lens, my fixed 20 mm. What would I need a zoom for? I was going to eat lunch in a low lit restaurant  so I would want my 20 mm 2.8......U.G.H. Of course we are in Channel side where the ESPN center is broadcasting. Low and behold I look over and Snoop Dog is about to walk up to the announcers. Double U.G.H!!!! I don't have my zoom!!! Needless to say, I snapped a few shots and was happy to have seen a celeb. Tying this into pet photography and my photo of the week? Hello Snoop Dog :) The name says it all.