Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tidbits On Tito

I've noticed that alot of other photographers have blogged about themselves. It's almost like a "get to know you - Q and A type" blog which is really cool. There are many things that I read and would've never guessed by checking out their website. I however have decided that I am going to blog about my dog, Tito. Tito is my rescue shih tzu of almost two years. I never stop learning about him.  Therefore I bring to you The Tidbits on Tito. Every so often I will write about new findings with him or I will post any cool shots I get. 
The first few tidbits of Tito that you should know are:
1. He HATES to have his picture taken. If he sees me pull out the camera he will automatically curl in a ball or give me his side profile. I am working hard to break this habit however he acts like an old Hollywood star that just wants to be out of the limelight for good.
2. He loves sleeping on the pillow right next to me. He may not start off sleeping in my bed but sure enough when I wake up and roll over I am looking at one end or the other end of Tito...unfortunately more often than not its his back end. Good morning!
3.He considers himself a super big dog. I have never had this little dog syndrome before with any of my other little pups so I find it quite terrifying that he stands up for himself as well as eggs the bigger dogs on. ( I have been reading CeSar Milan and we are working on this )
4. His lower jaw protrudes about a 1/2 inch further than his upper...Under bite much?
5. He does have eyes. Two of them, they are just hidden underneath this bowl cut that I keep giving him...Honestly I think it kind of suits him. The allusive little shih tzu that thinks he's the toughest of them all :)
More tidbits to come.

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