Monday, August 31, 2009

Barclay ~ St. Petersburg Pet Photographer

Barclay, or known to some as Barkles, is the happiest senior citizen I know. At thirteen years old his main goals throughout the day consist of smiling at everyone and getting some loving from anyone that will pet him. Hailing from the streets of Boston, Barclay's summer retreat is located along the coast of Maine. That's where I had the pleasure of photographing him. His teddy bear like features made me want to squeeze him and kiss him rather than photograph him. However, we were able to accomplish both during the on location pet shoot. Here are some of my favorite of Barclay.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

We're Back! ~ Harbour Island Pet Photographer

I honestly can't believe how quick vacation went...But isn't that always the case? The fun never lasts long enough. If Tito could talk, I think he would agree with me, Maine was exceptionally beautiful. We were fortunate enough to experience some of the best weather they've had all summer. With 26 straight days of rain in June, as well as a dreary July, August has brought everyone some much needed sunshine and happiness. I could tell Tito enjoyed the lack of humidity as out first walk of the trip he literally ran a mile with me until I had to take a break and lay in the grass ( yes, pathetically enough, my dog is apparently in better shape than I).
Now we are back, and trying to get back in the swing of things. Up this week will be two new blog postings from dog sessions in Maine as well as the ever famous Tito Tuesday. But first a few shots from our vacation. If you want to check out more pictures of Maine (non dog related) you can check out my other blog, Stephanie A Smith Photography.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Out Of The Office ~ August 19th - August 27th

It's important to love what you do because it makes work, not really feel like working at all. That being said, it's equally important to be able to walk away from work altogether and reflect on that the other enjoyments of life. So with all this in mind, Tito and I will be taking an extended vacation up North. It's time to leave the oppressive heat and head to a much cooler climate. We will be gone from Wednesday, August 19th returning on Thursday, August 27th. I'm looking forward to the time away, but I know I will have a few blog postings when I get back. Pawsitively Pictures has some really exciting news as well as some scheduled puppy shoots when Im gone so stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cora and Sampson ~ Hyde Park Pet Photographer

I met Cora and Sampson's dad while shooting a wedding together July 25th. Chad Whelan, owner of Digital Wave Productions, was filming the event, while I shot it. We worked side by side for most of the night, after all we are both trying to capture the same moments. It was only when one of us mentioned our dogs that the conversation really got started. Chad has been happily married for 16 years. He and his wife have two beautiful four-legged kids, Cora and Sampson. Cora is a solid 75 lb. American Bulldog who considers herself nothing more than a 16 oz lap dog. Sampson, the older, and slightly wiser of the two was rescued a year earlier than Cora. More like a daddy's boy, he listened and looked only at Chad during the entire shoot. They came to my studio for a pet portrait session. Chad plans to give these images to his wife as an anniversary present (she has no idea the shoot took place so it should be an awesome reaction). The shoot was so much fun and we were able to capture some super cute expressions on both pups. Here are my favorites. P.S. We used my new blue backdrop and I am hearting it so much.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Rusty and PuppyChoo ~ South Tampa Pet Photographer

Meet the adorable dynamic duo, Rusty and Puppychoo. Rusty is a sweet brindled mastiff mix whose main purpose in life is to give love. It doesn't matter if he knows you or not, he just wants a hug. And then there is Puppychoo. The owners aren't too sure what his breed is. As soon as I realized his slight ball obsession and overly happy personality I told them my opinion, border collie/flat coated retriever mix. I had so much fun with these two in my studio. They were really good sports as my air conditioner wasn't cooperating. Have you ever tried summer in Florida with a busted A/C unit while wearing a fur coat? I didn't think so, nor would I encourage it. Here are some of my favorite shots with these two.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tito Tuesday ~ Shark Week

When I was a kid, I remember one week, every summer, in which I was allowed to watch 3 hours of T.V. per night. That privilege was given to us during shark week. Enticing segments showing raw footage of the latest shark attacks, shark studies, and newest species were enough to keep my brother and I entertained for hours. Now, living in Florida, we get more then just shark week. In fact just last night, Shark week named Florida the number One spot in the world for shark attacks. An astounding 618 unprovoked attacks to date, crushing Australia and the South African coastal attacks by hundreds! The summer here brings longer days, hotter temperatures, and relief that can only be found in the comfort of the Gulf. Almost every afternoon I take Tito down to the end of the island where we can run around and swim in the bay. Its the only way to find refreshment during our oppressive summer. Two weeks ago we had our first encounter with a real shark. A fisherman reeled in a 3 1/2 foot black tip off the beach where we swim. He sighed as he pulled it in and told me this was nothing compared to his near 5 ft nurse shark he brought in during the morning hours. And yes, Tito being the curious fisher dog that he is tried taking a few swats at the shark who could have easily made him a snack. Therefore, in honor of shark week, summers in Florida, and Tito Tuesday I snapped a few shots of Tito wearing a homemade shark fin. Forgive me for the cardboard, sharpie mess but it was all I had to create a fin. No real shark fins were used during this shoot, and no one was eaten either :)
Stay tuned for next weeks adventure of Tito Tuesday and this week make sure to check out Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Winner of Pet Portrait Drawing ~ Rohan ~ Tampa Pet Photographer

Meet Rohan (pronounced Row-en), the spunky little Shiba whose pawrents won the drawing for a free portrait session. This little guy is only a few months old but already has the potty training down, as well as the meaning of the words "no" and "sit". Apparently that is the shiba way as owner, Josh, informed me. Shibas are smart, witty, and all personality. I had such a blast with Duncan, Josh, and Rohan. Here are some of my favorites captured from the shoot. And I'm thinking this isn't the last you will see of Sir Rohan.