Friday, March 27, 2009

Pet Flys Video

This business makes me want to own a little purse dog. Pet Flys is a super posh pet luggage carrier line created by Tammy. They are airline approved and super fashionable. You will also get a kick out of her pomahuahua, Sailor. Check out the Pet Fly Video.

Planet Dog Video

I Love Planet Dog!!! I was so excited to come across their booth. They have been around for a number of years and have strived since the beginning to be environmentally conscience. They have an awesome dog travel line which when corresponding for the Dog Travel Channel is really important. Check out the clip for Planet Dog.

Wagatha's Video

This was a fun clip we also captured at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando. Wagatha's is a newer company based out of New England which brings organic all natural dog treats into the mix(no pun intended). Yes, they are good enough for humans to eat. Check out my reaction to the treats at Wagatha's video clip.

Cesar and Me The Video

What a great day. Woke up bright eyed and energetic. A gentle breeze is blowing through my house. As I turn on my computer and go through all of my correspondence I notice a message from the Dog Travel Channel.  My heart started beating faster as I read "Cesar video and more".  I clicked on all the internal links and was so excited to see Cesar and Me on the website. Again, I can't say enough good things about him. So check out this video on Cesar Millan.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sammie & Bailey

Last weekend I had the privilege of photographing Kim and Tom's engagement session. Just to paint the picture of how happy I was that afternoon I will bore you with a few minor details; the weather was perfect (sun, a breeze, 70's), I was driving in my car,  windows and sunroof wide open, Bob Marley was singing to me,  I'm about to do what I love to do everyday (take pictures), and...... the couple has a pair of bulldogs!!!! Obviously this shoot was to cover the love between Tom and Kim however I couldn't help myself and had to sneak in a few shots of their precious pups. Sammie and Bailey were just too much. Their squished noses, their waddling walks, and their snorts! No wonder I got home at 8:30 p.m. Just to be fair I am posting a few shots of both the most adorable bulldogs ever as well as a few of the soon to be Mr. and Mrs.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Awwww Snap*

There are so many exciting things happening to Pawsitively Pictures right now. Spring has sprung with alot of new clients and opportunities. One in particular I would like to share is we made another pet photography directory!
Snap my pet is a sister website to Mod Dog an uber fun website specializing in modern pet art. The snap website provides a directory of modern dog photographers all over the U.S and Canada. I'm so excited to be a part of this! We are the top left picture. Isn't Lily the cutest?!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Think Green Widget

Okay so this is pretty cool. I was on the think green website trying to write a pet based green article for a local pet magazine. Basically you total up the amount of trash you've recycled that day and it will calculate how much energy you saved. For example, I, Stephanie Smith, recycled 3 plastic bottles, 1 aluminum can, and 2 units of paper. In total I saved .70 KW/Hr! And since I have no idea what that scientific percentage meant they broke it down even further by explaining that I saved enough energy for 351 hours worth of camera shooting! So think, act and be green. 

We're On!

What a way to start off the work week. Thanks for all you other pet photographers who introduced me  to Macro Mutt.
They were so easy to work with and I'm so excited to announce that Barney and I made the cut!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Big Boy Bruno

So whats a trip to Colorado without some ski time? This trip I was determined to learn snow boarding.....And what I learned about snow boarding is that I should leave it to the snow bunnies and I should stick to the beach bumming (I broke my arm on the first day during my last run). Whats even more ironic is the fact that I was telling my friends that morning how I should be wearing wrist guards as my wrists are my livelihood now. Right!! 
Needless to say the snowboard got returned the second day. The one cool part about the story was the big St. Bernard named Bruno hanging out at the rental store, Wild Ernest Sports. He belongs to the store owner Casey so I would consider Bruno more the mascot of the store. With one hand casted I was determined to have better luck shooting than snowboarding. I was fortunate in the sense that my model just wanted to lay down. I think a slower target was probably better for me that day. Here are a few of my favs.


Last weekend I had the opportunity to go out to Colorado. I have never been out there, heard only positive things about the state so when my friend told me all I had to cover was the plane ticket I figured, why not? P.S  Jaime I really wanted to spend time with you and the pugs, and Claire I was hoping for coffee and a ridgeback photo session but my plans did not pan out at all 
: ( 
When we arrived it was 60 and sunny. A little cold for the Floridian but I knew it could be alot worse so was grateful for the mild conditions. As we pulled up to my friends cousins house I heard howling. It continued as we approached the front door. I was so excited because you know what that means...Pet Pictures. Meet Lily, a 15 month old Red Bone Coon Hound. She was extremely curious as well as very thorough when it comes to sniffing around. I was outside with her till the sun went down.
Jared and Greg, thanks for letting us crash at your place, and thanks for putting up with me and my crazy camera habits.(Literally I hadn't even met them and I was outside with Lily until dark)