Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Animals In General

"Please Stephanie, when is the last time we hung out together. I mean really can you even remember our last adventure?"  I had to admit, she had a point. While raking my brain, trying to decipher the last time I had an adventure with my friend, Leah , I decided I wasn't going to win this argument. Sure deadlines were calling, brides and pet owners alike were waiting for proofs. But I had to get away, just for a day. And so on Monday, May 11th I arose extremely early in the morning for the hour and half commute to Orlando. Grand Central to Floridians, this iconic tourist trap reels in hundreds of millions of people each year. And I, being a local headed straight for the heart of it. Discovery Cove is known as the oasis amidst the theme parks, long lines, and thousands of people.  Accepting only reservations Discovery Cove allows 1,000 guests into the park each day. After all, most of them come to swim with the dolphins so I would imagine there is only so much a dolphin can take in one day. I have to admit when my alarm went off I was tempted to hit the snooze or even more severe throw it against my wall and fall right back to sleep. I am so glad I didn't. I spent a solid 9 hours surrounded by the most beautiful animals and sea creatures. The aviary, sting ray pool and artificial reef housed enough animals for me to think I was on a tropical island. The food, drinks, and equipment were all included. So basically it was me running around with my camera in a park filled with amazing wildlife. Here are a few of my favorite shots. I encourage anyone, especially Florida residents to take advantage of their amazing specials right now. It is a day you will never forget.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're On The Professional Photographer's Website!

As most of you know I am a huge animal and environmental advocate. I have been a part of the Greener Photography group for over 7 months now. Its a wonderful organization that encourages photographers all over the world to live a greener lifestyle and have a more environmentally friendly business. Since the beginning I have tried to involve myself as much as possible. So when the opportunity came up to write an article for them I jumped all over it. The Professional Photographers Magazine asked Greener Photography to write a web exclusive on energy conservation for photographers. Together with Megan Just who is an awesome freelance writer and green girl guru we were able to come up with some pretty stellar ideas on how to be a green machine. Click here to check out the article. 
Oh. And because I can't post without a picture here is a shot of my man, Tito. His way of being green is to lay in the dirt as featured above :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

They Call It Mellow Yellow

Well, actually they call it banana. But mellow yellow was playing in my head throughout the studio pet session with my pup Tito. Now more often than not he is less than cooperative to participate with anything that has to do with my camera. Tonight I didn't give him that option as I had already set up my equipment. He did really well, giving me his side profile alot. I was so impressed with his participation that I took it one step further and put on his chopper jacket with matching doggles. I'm pretty sure that took him over the edge as he layed down the remainder of the shoot.While I don't know if he is ready for his professional debut in BARK magazine I do think we were able to get some super cute shots. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


On a cold winters night in Texas, while driving home from a Rodeo, an animal wandered into the path of my horse trailer. Carrying three - 1000 pound horses made stopping impossible. All I could see was a small animal. Next thing I knew we came to a stop, but the animal had scurried underneath my truck. In horror I jumped out of the truck and crawled underneath to retrieve what I thought was a Chihuahua. 
I named her Rodeo, but call her Rodie for short. She was only five weeks old when I found her. She was extremely emaciated and was given a poor prognosis due to her numerous health issues. After several weeks at the veterinarian she was well enough to come home.
Rodie, come to find out was not a Chihuahua. She was a Rhodesian-Ridgeback mix. Rodie was a rambunctious puppy who loved to run outside on the farm with all the other animals. She would play with the calves and kiss all over them. She would steal the horse's apples and carrots and play tag with them all over the pasture. We have even been caught in a twister together.
I am writing this story about my beloved dog of almost 13 years, Rodie. Unfortunately, she was just diagnosed with renal disease/failure and her life expectancy is short.  She is my child, best friend, and the most loving pet I have ever had. This is a way to express my love for her and say thank you for all the wonderful times we had.

~Kimberly Carbonelli ~ Tarpon Springs, Florida~

Now I don't know about you, but by the time I finished reading this tribute I had a steady stream of tears flowing down my cheek. What a beautiful life they had together. I believe all of us will experience a soul dog in our life. Mine was Paco, whom I lost in December of 07. Kim's is Rodie. This story tugged at my heart and I knew I wanted to talk to her. After many enjoyable conversations on the phone Kim and I set a Saturday afternoon date for an on location pet session with Rodie. It was a blast and even better is that Rodie's health is much better thanks to her new food the vet prescribed her. Rodie and Kim I wish you many more happy memories together and thanks for letting me be a part of you two :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Combo and Kali

I had a blast last Saturday with Combo, Kali, and their parents Chris and Linda. They were visiting from Chicago and stopped by for a pet studio session at Gone To The Dogs Boutique. Unfortunately they were headed home the next day so I didn't get to spend much time with the little loves. Combo got his name because Chris and Linda weren't exactly sure what breed he was. They have had him for 14 years and while they still wonder what he is a mix of, they don't care at all because he is such a sweetie. Kali, is the five year old firecracker who was also rescued. She was little Ms. Personality in front of the camera. I literally could not stop laughing taking these pictures. Chris and Linda thanks for sharing your pups with me. Hope to see you all again next winter!