Wednesday, May 13, 2009


On a cold winters night in Texas, while driving home from a Rodeo, an animal wandered into the path of my horse trailer. Carrying three - 1000 pound horses made stopping impossible. All I could see was a small animal. Next thing I knew we came to a stop, but the animal had scurried underneath my truck. In horror I jumped out of the truck and crawled underneath to retrieve what I thought was a Chihuahua. 
I named her Rodeo, but call her Rodie for short. She was only five weeks old when I found her. She was extremely emaciated and was given a poor prognosis due to her numerous health issues. After several weeks at the veterinarian she was well enough to come home.
Rodie, come to find out was not a Chihuahua. She was a Rhodesian-Ridgeback mix. Rodie was a rambunctious puppy who loved to run outside on the farm with all the other animals. She would play with the calves and kiss all over them. She would steal the horse's apples and carrots and play tag with them all over the pasture. We have even been caught in a twister together.
I am writing this story about my beloved dog of almost 13 years, Rodie. Unfortunately, she was just diagnosed with renal disease/failure and her life expectancy is short.  She is my child, best friend, and the most loving pet I have ever had. This is a way to express my love for her and say thank you for all the wonderful times we had.

~Kimberly Carbonelli ~ Tarpon Springs, Florida~

Now I don't know about you, but by the time I finished reading this tribute I had a steady stream of tears flowing down my cheek. What a beautiful life they had together. I believe all of us will experience a soul dog in our life. Mine was Paco, whom I lost in December of 07. Kim's is Rodie. This story tugged at my heart and I knew I wanted to talk to her. After many enjoyable conversations on the phone Kim and I set a Saturday afternoon date for an on location pet session with Rodie. It was a blast and even better is that Rodie's health is much better thanks to her new food the vet prescribed her. Rodie and Kim I wish you many more happy memories together and thanks for letting me be a part of you two :)

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