Monday, March 9, 2009

Think Green Widget

Okay so this is pretty cool. I was on the think green website trying to write a pet based green article for a local pet magazine. Basically you total up the amount of trash you've recycled that day and it will calculate how much energy you saved. For example, I, Stephanie Smith, recycled 3 plastic bottles, 1 aluminum can, and 2 units of paper. In total I saved .70 KW/Hr! And since I have no idea what that scientific percentage meant they broke it down even further by explaining that I saved enough energy for 351 hours worth of camera shooting! So think, act and be green. 


  1. woohoo, go Stephanie!! thanks for the forward to several months ago, I think it changed my life. :-)

  2. Just a thought... instead of saving energy by recycling things like plastic bottles... you could get a bottle that you can keep!
    I refuse to buy bottled water... but that's just me.

  3. Ohhh Tracy I like your way of thinking. Even greener thumb!!!

  4. : )
    I wish my green thumb was better with plants. Some do well... and others not so much. I always feel super guilty when one dies... I wonder if it hurts...