Friday, March 6, 2009


Last weekend I had the opportunity to go out to Colorado. I have never been out there, heard only positive things about the state so when my friend told me all I had to cover was the plane ticket I figured, why not? P.S  Jaime I really wanted to spend time with you and the pugs, and Claire I was hoping for coffee and a ridgeback photo session but my plans did not pan out at all 
: ( 
When we arrived it was 60 and sunny. A little cold for the Floridian but I knew it could be alot worse so was grateful for the mild conditions. As we pulled up to my friends cousins house I heard howling. It continued as we approached the front door. I was so excited because you know what that means...Pet Pictures. Meet Lily, a 15 month old Red Bone Coon Hound. She was extremely curious as well as very thorough when it comes to sniffing around. I was outside with her till the sun went down.
Jared and Greg, thanks for letting us crash at your place, and thanks for putting up with me and my crazy camera habits.(Literally I hadn't even met them and I was outside with Lily until dark)