Friday, August 7, 2009

Rusty and PuppyChoo ~ South Tampa Pet Photographer

Meet the adorable dynamic duo, Rusty and Puppychoo. Rusty is a sweet brindled mastiff mix whose main purpose in life is to give love. It doesn't matter if he knows you or not, he just wants a hug. And then there is Puppychoo. The owners aren't too sure what his breed is. As soon as I realized his slight ball obsession and overly happy personality I told them my opinion, border collie/flat coated retriever mix. I had so much fun with these two in my studio. They were really good sports as my air conditioner wasn't cooperating. Have you ever tried summer in Florida with a busted A/C unit while wearing a fur coat? I didn't think so, nor would I encourage it. Here are some of my favorite shots with these two.


  1. The spotted blue tongue would suggest either Shar-pei and/or Chow Chow in the mix. I'd guess Shar-Pei in Rusty's mix, and Chow in Puppychoo (cute name!). Nice photos :)

  2. I love the spotted tongue! Great shots!

  3. LOVE the shot with the green ball in the mouth!