Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tito Tuesday ~ Shark Week

When I was a kid, I remember one week, every summer, in which I was allowed to watch 3 hours of T.V. per night. That privilege was given to us during shark week. Enticing segments showing raw footage of the latest shark attacks, shark studies, and newest species were enough to keep my brother and I entertained for hours. Now, living in Florida, we get more then just shark week. In fact just last night, Shark week named Florida the number One spot in the world for shark attacks. An astounding 618 unprovoked attacks to date, crushing Australia and the South African coastal attacks by hundreds! The summer here brings longer days, hotter temperatures, and relief that can only be found in the comfort of the Gulf. Almost every afternoon I take Tito down to the end of the island where we can run around and swim in the bay. Its the only way to find refreshment during our oppressive summer. Two weeks ago we had our first encounter with a real shark. A fisherman reeled in a 3 1/2 foot black tip off the beach where we swim. He sighed as he pulled it in and told me this was nothing compared to his near 5 ft nurse shark he brought in during the morning hours. And yes, Tito being the curious fisher dog that he is tried taking a few swats at the shark who could have easily made him a snack. Therefore, in honor of shark week, summers in Florida, and Tito Tuesday I snapped a few shots of Tito wearing a homemade shark fin. Forgive me for the cardboard, sharpie mess but it was all I had to create a fin. No real shark fins were used during this shoot, and no one was eaten either :)
Stay tuned for next weeks adventure of Tito Tuesday and this week make sure to check out Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.


  1. Well our Great Whites in South Africa like to hang around Seal Island, which is a few kilometres off the coast, so our attacks are some stray sharks that end up in odd places :)

  2. too funny! in the second one his expression totally says "i am not amused"...