Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pet Friendly Getaway ~ Turtle Beach Resort

I knew this was going to be an amazing trip when I opened the front gate to the cottage and Tito charged ahead trying to get every single lizard that immediately scattered upon our arrival.There were hammocks, hot tubs, and big outdoor porches. I felt like I was back in Jamaica at my island cottage. Above all, Tito, my four year old shih tzu was permitted anywhere on the property. No restrictions. Sure, if he is in a public place (like the pool, grilling and fishing area) he has to be leashed. Totally understandable. Both days, we kayaked to this beach, only accessible by boat. Imagine the length of three football fields, tri-colored beach grains, and not a soul there besides me and my dog. I have never seen a bigger smile on Tito as he ran up and down the surf line. It was a wonderful two day getaway that brought some much needed rest and relaxation. Located in Siesta Key the resort is called Turtle Beach Resort. It has ten Caribbean style cottages varying from studio to two bedroom cottages. I encourage everyone, especially in the Florida area, to check it out. 

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