Friday, June 19, 2009

Ms. Gracie ~ St. Petersburg Pet Photographer

Meet Grace. This precious little girl has grown substantially since I last photographed her. But considering she is a Great Dane that's pretty much all they do for the first 2 years. Her mom called me and asked us to take some pictures of her 1. Her birthday is coming up and she wants to document her growth 2. Because Gracie's dad is a HUGE penguins fan and apparently they just won the Stanley Cup, so she wanted a few shots of Grace in a Penguins jersey. I apologize for not being more sports oriented but I had no idea hockey was still going on!
Even more exciting than all of this, Grace will be having her puppy party in July and I am going to be the photographer. Much for to come with Grace but for right now here are a few of my favorite shots.


  1. You did such a great job! We are really happy with the pictures. Jim loves the jersey shots. Thank you :)

  2. She must be the most patient Dane... wearing hats and jerseys! And looking happy!
    I put a birthday hat on my bichon last year and he (the perma-smiler) actually looked depressed in the photos!