Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What We're Up To ~ Harbour Island Pet Photographer

Has it really been almost ten days since I last blogged? That is insane. But I guess that's pretty much how my Fall has been. Super busy with way too much happening all at once. I just returned back from an awesome photography workshop called Learnfest. Four amazingly talented successful women taught 60 photographers how to fine tune and improve their business. And while all the women specialized in children's portrait photography I knew a few of my fellow pet photog friends who couldn't stop raving about all that they took from this workshop. I must agree, it was an amazing learning experience, where my head is still spinning with all that I am planning on doing with Pawsitively Pictures. First on the agenda is the new blog. I have been sweating Wordpress blogs for sometime. So last night I purchased it and began constructing the future of Pawsitively Pictures. It will take me a few days which is killing me because I have two great pet posts from last week. I want to hold off for the new and improved blog. So, rather than just have a post with no images here is something that made me smile. My brother sent me a video of my moms dog eating a hanger. She is a special dog. Ya know, the kind that barks when shes not allowed, eats only if she is fed by hand, and poops only on the finest oriental rugs. Stay tuned for more from Pawsitively Pictures.

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