Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tito Tuesday ~ The Case Of The Missing Dog

As many are aware, Tito, my 20 lb. shih tzu loves to prey upon lizards. His steadfast obsession is chasing them down a wall to a height where he can swat at them. And yes, while these traits sound more like a cat, I can assure you, Tito is all dog. I have a great set up in my office where my desk, in which I spend most of the daytime hours, overlooks the backyard. While it's not fenced in, we are on a back alley so Tito stays where the lizards are located. Fortunately enough for me that means he is within eye sight of the window. From time to time I will take a five minute break and join in on the hunt. As sadistic as this sounds I take great pride when Tito catches one ( which has only happened twice). He isn't your typical lap dog, but rather an instinctual predator that can catch his own food and survive on his own if anything were to ever happen to me....Or so I like to think.
A few days ago happened to be one of those days where I had to just walk away from my computer. Tito followed as I trudged outside. There, we basked in the glorious sun and began the search. A few moments past and I was back at my computer. I must've been doing a lot of things at once because about an hour later when I sat down to eat my lunch I realized I had no idea where Tito was! I walked through my apartment, covering the rooms in seconds. Panic set in as I didn't see him in any of his usual resting spots. I dashed outside only to see an empty lawn, an empty back alley, and an empty neighbors yard. My heart sank as I had no idea where my dog was. Realizing I would be better off with a box of treats and a pair of flip flops I retreated back inside to my apartment.
Grabbing the box of milk bones I ran into my room to grab my flip flops. It was there, that I found not only my sandals, but also my dog. There, on top of my heaping laundry pile, Tito laid sound asleep. Once I had settled back down to my Zen state I decided that it would make for an excellent Tito Tuesday......and the moral of this Tito Tuesday is....Do your laundry :)

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  1. haha, that story totally made me laugh. i once spent twenty minutes searching the whole house and yard before discovering her fast asleep in the back of one of the bedroom closets.. so funny!