Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tito Tuesday ~ Tampa Pet Photographer

Tito is a funny guy. He likes to keep to himself as much as possible. He doesn't care to be around other dogs no matter what age, breed or size. Its not that he is aggressive he, just wont play with them or pay them any attention. That being said, when I am in the studio doing a pet portrait session he is very eager to be the center of attention. Take for example yesterday. I had the two scheduled pet portrait sessions, one was a French Bulldog and the other was a shih tzu/maltese mix (blogs to come this week on both pups ). I left Tito at home for the Bull dog shoot, and when I returned it was quite apparent that I was not going to be leaving him for the next shoot. So Tito joined us for the second shoot. Again, he didn't really have any interest in befriending this shih tzu/maltese but he did try to be in almost all the shots. And even though he was not being photographed he felt it was his right to have equal amounts of treats as my subject, Bogey. Here are a few shots that I captured of my man, just being himself :)

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