Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dear Barney ~ Hyde Park Pet Photographer

Dearest Barney Boo,
Thank you for being pretty much the most adorable dog ever. I love that your mommie brings you to me to get puppy portraits every six months. It's so much fun watching you grow and become the super cool pup that you are. And my how you've grown since I last saw you. You are still quite a trouble maker, always running around the studio, attempting to eat my extension cords and camera straps but I still love you, especially when you give me one of your many adorable faces. I really couldn't get over how cute you were in your Redskins football jersey. Your dad is going to be so surprised when he sees those pictures. And while your bumble bee costume was a little snug, you made it work for the camera. So Barney I will miss you these next few months but will look forward to our Fall rendezvous when we will do another puppy portrait session.
Much Love,
Stephie Smith
Your Pet Photographer


  1. What an adorable face! I just love him, especially in that bumblebee costume :)