Sunday, November 9, 2008

When You Rescue A Dog

Meet Luke. He is one of the beautiful Great Danes available for adoption from Great Dane Rescue of Tampa Bay, Inc. The first time I met Luke was at the SPCA Pet Walk mid October. He was happy, alert and full of life. When I saw him yesterday at the Great Dane meet up he was more reserved and nervous. In speaking with Linda the woman who runs the rescue program she informed me that Luke had been adopted. However the new owners decided to keep Luke in a utility closet and then called to complain to Linda that Luke was crying incessantly. Really? Is that what you do when you get a dog? Store it in a closet? I know I store my clothes there I didn't realize it was the new way to house a living creature!!! Arrrgh. Well now that everybody knows how I feel about the situation let me just add one more thing. Dogs are the greatest creatures I have experienced in my life. But you get a dog to be a part of your household, to be one of the family members. Then and only then will you experience the full joy that a dog can bring to you. 
"Dogs give unconditional love, for me they are the reason for being alive" Gilda Radnor


  1. I love Luke! He's gorgeous! Shame on those evil people for storing a dog away.
    Great Danes are amazing... my husband and I were talking about perhaps getting one until Max came into our lives. Three dogs (and a cat)is enough for now but maybe someday...
    And hello cutie pie with Luke... he looks like he loves Luke too! Did he adopt him?? He should!

  2. oh my god what a heartbreaking story! luke's new 'caregivers' were not worthy of his love!! glad to hear he is out of there.