Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Going Green

I have always been an earth girl. I love to be outside mostly on the beach or in the ocean. Ever since moving to the beach two years back I have been an advocate for recycling and making the earth a better place to live. I see so much waste wash up on the beach, some recyclable, some trash. Regardless it has been my mission to try and live as green as possible. That being said, as a photographer it is easy to be careless. Wasting paper, using too much packaging, printing out everything. There are ways in which I, as a photographer can reduce my carbon footprint. I recently discovered a great resource called Greener Photography . It's a wonderful website that gives great tips on Eco-friendlier printing products, paper, ink, etc. I am now an active member and I encourage all of you to make a difference in the world with something you feel strongly about. Me, I'm going green!


  1. Hey Stephanie
    I'm a big fan of ProDpi Lab! Many, many green products for photogs!

  2. thanks so much for the tip steph! I am going to go check it out right now. christina and I were just talking about how to make the business more green. She is all about being environmentally friendly, and so am I!