Sunday, November 9, 2008


Last Friday Tito and I spent the morning at Ft. Desoto Park. I was busy with my camera and Tito was busy trying to rid the world of every and any biker he could see. What's great about the dog park at Ft. Desoto is that it is completely fenced in. So Tito can run free along the fence where the bikers trail is and I don't have to worry about a thing. Now I'll admit he had been running for about 35 minutes and according to my guestimation he probably ran the equivalent of 10 football fields up and back. So being the good mother I am, I decided to grab him and hose him off so he could cool down. Tito didn't like that idea so immediately following the light spritzing he decided to roll in the dirty watered down gravel next to the shower. That was the greatest laugh I have had in a while so of course I had to snap a few shots. And here is what a dirty shih tzu covered in dirt, grass, sand and who knows what else looks like.....He looks pretty happy. Oh My Tito

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