Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day 09

Not only am I a pet photographer but also a huge advocate for the earth. Therefore, being earth day yesterday I wanted to do something green. This has been a huge pet peeve of mine for about three years. St. Pete Beach does not have any recycling receptacles on their beaches, only trash cans that mainly fill up with recyclables from beach goers. So I did what any earth lover would do....I picked trash. It was humbling and awkward at first but then it became addicting. In the end I collected two full trash bags of recyclables from only 8 trash cans (the 30 block stretch of beach that I live on has close to 100 trash cans). In total I collected 33 glass bottles, 31 aluminum cans, 29 plastic bottles, and 10 plastic containers (such as fruit trays and solo cups). That is the equivalence of enough power to take 7347 hours of pictures. I do plan on picking trash again, and maybe I can take it one step further getting the city to get recycling containers out on the beach. This will not only be better for the earth but also for my pup, Tito. Go green!!!


  1. You go, girl!!
    Endangered Species Day is May 15th! That's a good one to celebrate too! : )